Video Script Copywriting: 3 Steps for High Conversion

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The world is shifting towards video. After Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine. People want to listen and see more than they want to read.

YouTube’s traffic is increasing. As a result, the number of average monthly active users also increased. 

Podcasting is in the hype. Podcast tools and platforms like Anchor and Clubhouse are becoming popular.

What these trends indicate is that people are more interested in watching and listening more than reading.

Long-form sales letters, sales copies, and ad copies on magazines were famous in the 19th and the 20th centuries when people had just access to prints.

This era is of the internet and television. People are watching whatever they want through the internet or television.

Businesses are advertising on TV Channels and creating brand awareness, and positioning their brand in people’s minds to influence their buying decision.

Internet marketers( Digital Marketers) are marketing through online channels. Video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, IG reels are places where people spend time. And, that’s the reason why such video platforms are best for marketing products and services.

Let’s talk about YouTube, which is the largest video hosting platform. Creators uploads video content for free, and they earn from the ads displayed by YouTube on their videos.

If you are using YouTube (obviously, you will be using it if you aren’t living under the rocks), you know how brands and marketers market their products through ads.

And you might have noticed that you can skip those ads after 5 seconds. Some ads you will see are unskippable, and their durations will be ranging from 6-15 seconds. 

That means, when you are advertising through skippable YouTube ads, you have a time of 5 seconds to pitch your offer, and if you are advertising through unskippable ads, you get 15 minutes at maximum to pitch.

You could see how important every second is while advertising your product through YouTube ads.

There are other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where you can do your video marketing. We will discuss how you can use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and leverage them for marketing with videos. Also, we will discuss how you can use copywriting in marketing videos.

First, let’s know a bit about video script copywriting, in case you don’t know. If you know what video script copywriting is, you can skip this section.

Video Script Copywriting

Video Script Copywriting is the persuasive script written for lead generation through video. It is a structured way of writing a video script for the sole purpose of conversion. The end goal of the video script copy is to compel viewers to take a specific action.

The end goal of the video copy may be a ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe Now’, ‘Visit’, ‘Learn More’, etc. But you must remember one thing that you should never and never say to do multiple things. 

Read that again. And remember it.

Never give more than one Call-To-Action.

You will get to know later on why there should not be multiple Call-To-Action.

Now, let’s move on to know how to write video script copy.

3 Steps for Video Script Copywriting

You will get to know about the three steps involved in video script copywriting and how you can write a perfect copy that converts.

So let’s un-box:

Step-1: Grab attention ASAP

You got few seconds to grab attention, and in that time period, if you fail to catch your potential customer’s attention, it’s gone. It’s gone forever.

So the initial few seconds are essential in a video script copywriting. Because this is a video, and it’s running, and if you fail to catch attention at the right time, you lose your chance.

Why am I saying that it is essential to catch the attention of your viewers at the very first moment? 

It’s because the viewers’ attention span is significantly less, and even it has decreased in this tech era where most of the technology has become faster.

Here are some data on how the attention span of people present online has decreased.

People’s attention span has decreased, so it’s crucial to grab their attention before they swipe away your video or skip it. 

You need to grab their attention any-how.

Here are some tips on how to write the attention-grabbing introduction for your potential customers or audiences to hook their mind with your well-crafted video script copy-

Contrarian Statement Approach

A contrarian statement is something that is against the statement, which is generally accepted. 

For example, 

When you throw a ball up, it shouldn’t come down.

Here’s how you can use this example statement in your script-

When you throw a ball up, it shouldn’t come down. Yes, you heard it right. And how it’s possible?

It’s possible when you could neutralize the gravitational force of the earth.

You might be thinking I’m a mad scientist. Isn’t?

Yeah, I’m a little crazy, but I know how to do what I said to you just seconds ago.

And why this contrarian approach works wonderfully is because it challenges their belief and intuition. 

It goes against their thought and knowledge. And that’s the reason they will pay attention to what you are saying.

(In their mind, they might think what rubbish you are speaking about, but it grabs their attention. And that’s it. Your work is done. You grabbed their attention successfully.)

Quotes with Twist

Many TEDx speakers start their speech with a quote related to what they are delivering a speech.

What I suggest is to add a twist or modification to the quote.

Just like this-

An apple a day keeps cancer away.

This small change in this well-known quote will be much helpful in grabbing people’s attention. Because it is something new to them, then they will pay attention to it.

What If Statements

Many digital marketers and content creators have used a proven technique to make people think about something that is not natural or doesn’t exist.

What if statements are used to make people imagine something unrealistic, or that’s not possible, or that may be possible.

When you start your attention-grabbing introduction with ‘What if’, they will feel like you are trying to show or prove them something, and hence they will be interested in listening to you what you want to present them.

Here’s an example-

What if you could become rich with trading in cryptocurrencies.

Fact Play

If you have seen some ads on YouTube starting with facts and figures, then you know how they grab attention with their introduction.

Here’s an example- 

According to MIT research, Python’s knowledge is preferred by 70% of programmers for ethical hacking.

When you deliver such facts audience gets to know something they knew, and their brain processes that fact.

So, these are some tips on how you can grab the attention of your target audience within 5 seconds through your introduction in a video marketing ad.

Now let’s head on to know what you should be doing after you hook the viewer’s mind.

Step 2: Pitch your offer.

After you have hooked your prospect’s mind with your attention-grabbing introduction, you should present your offer.

Remember that you’re not giving any speech here. You aren’t at a TEDx stage to deliver a speech.

What you are doing is, you are marketing for your business, product, or/and service. 

And if you bore your prospect with your boring stuff, then you are going to lose.

Never make this mistake.

What you should do is, put forward what you want to offer. 

Tell your prospects, what is in it for them, and what benefit they will get.

You have to do the pitching in a structured way. And here, I have written a proper method you should follow to pitch your offerings.

Let’s know how to do it-

If you know about the AIDA model of sales copy, you understand how to create interest in people’s minds. And then, create a desire for your offer.

But in the video copywriting, you shouldn’t take much time talking about what your product is and how it’s made, and how it will be helpful to them.

Remember, I’d said in the beginning that you would have 5 seconds to grab attention and when you hooked the viewer’s attention without any delay, you should pitch your offer.

3 Steps on how to pitch for your product/service in a marketing video

Hit hard on their pain point

Understand your customer’s pain points so that you could better sell them by helping solve their pain.

Check this article to know how you can understand your customers’ pain points and use them for your video marketing campaign.

And in copywriting, whether it be a sales letter, sales copy, email copy, or video copy, you should demonstrate your customers’ pain points.

When you address your customers’ pain points to customers, they are attached to what you are saying.

So it becomes essential to understand the pain points and craft your video copywriting according to that.

Jab the pain killer

After you hit hard on their pain points, now it is time to give them the pain killer.

Present your product/service along with its features linked with benefits.

You should read the above line again.

It’s a must, and without it, no copywriting will work for conversion.

I’m talking about the benefits.

You should clearly state what benefits your prospects will get from your product.

Need not to say, your prospects are very selfish, and they always care about themselves than anything else.

So you need to present the benefits your prospects will get and how it will solve their pain.

Offer an Offer

When you have explained your product’s benefits and how it will solve their problem, it’s time to give them an irresistible offer.

Use the FOMO technique or Scarcity principle to make an irresistible offer that will compel your prospects to take action.

Remember that providing an offer is necessary. Why? Because they will not buy for any reason, or they may procrastinate to take action. 

And when you give them a mouth-watering offer, they are more likely to take action.

So this makes the necessity to have an offer that will make your prospects jump on to take action.

Step 3: Tell to Act

This is the last step to include in your script of video copywriting.

Following all the steps and sub-steps mentioned above have already set up the stage for the action.

Now you must guide your prospect to take action that will help them solve their problems.

And you should be asking your prospects to do one single thing. If you tell your prospects to do multiple tedious works, then you will lose them.

So never make this mistake.

Just tell them to take singular action.

And your work is done. Your video script copywriting is ready to do the marketing for you.

Tell me in the comment section if I missed something to include or think must be included in a video copywriting strategy.

Thank You.


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