Email Copywriting: 5 Steps to Master

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If you are in the field of marketing then it is obvious that you would be subscribed to the email newsletters of many different websites. Even if not, you wouldn’t have survived from the email traps waived by marketers to get your email ID and name.

The reason why they are hungry for your email ID is that email marketing is the best strategy for marketing when it comes to conversion.

What does it mean?

It means that people are more often to buy or visit or subscribe to any kind of action mentioned in the email which the marketers say as conversion through the email.

Websites collect emails through multiple ways like offering some freebies, newsletter subscriptions, and tools.

And after they get your email they can send any kind of email they want. Some will send emails pitching their product or service and some will be there who will provide you some value.

Okay, now we are clear that what email marketing is actually and what’s the funda behind capturing emails of people.

Then, let’s understand how email copywriting is useful in email marketing and how it helps to get more conversions through emails.

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting is the strategic and influencing way of crafting the email to make the conversion. It isn’t much different from other forms of copywriting. But what makes it different is its personalization.

If you don’t know what is personalization in email is then know it in a simple way- Whenever you provide your email on any website then along with your email ID they also ask your name.

Remember when the last time you had signed up or subscribed through emails, you had provided your name as well.

Somewhere along with your name, they collect some other data as well, like location, education, age, and occupation. This gives more opportunities to personalize emails based on the data collected. Say it as custom emails based on what you need.

And, if you have noticed some emails where they have mentioned your name then that’s the example of a personalized email you already know about.

These personalized emails are great conversion makers. Because when you personalize emails, you talk directly to them. And we all know that you can sell better with 121 than with masses.

And the main purpose of email copywriting is to make conversions.

So, now let’s know those 1o tips for email copywriting that would help you in generating more leads.


5 Must-have Steps for Email Copywriting

These tips which I’m going to share with you are the most important for email copywriting. And these tips improve the efficiency of email copy to the next level for conversion.

Know your reader

Never and never send your emails to people who don’t need them. Why? Reasons why you shouldn’t do that because it will mark you as a spammer which will harm your brand and it will also lead to the wastage of time and money.

So, what you need to do is, understand your reader.

Understand, to whom and for what you are sending them.

If someone is vegetarian, then you should never send him/her non-veg jokes. :p

It is very important to understand what your reader wants, and that’s where the collected data should be put into play. Write emails based on their interest and needs. It will lead to high conversions.


Grab attention with subject lines

Always remember that most people receive dozens of emails every day. And you need to write a subject line that grabs the attention of the email receiver. Especially, when you send emails to me who has multiple email IDs receiving more than 20 emails on each of them. I know it’s not that great. But still, I get overwhelmed.

Just like in ad copies or sales copies where the headlines are given much importance, in emails, subjects are what should be given much importance.

Because the subject is what will decide your email’s open rate. If you fail to impress with your subject line then there is less likely that someone will open your email and read it and take action.


Pull them in with the opening paragraph

The opening paragraph is where you should create a great hook with sentences that create a curiosity for your reader. The curiosity you create in your reader’s mind will compel them to continue with the body copy to know more about what’s there for them.

Remember that you shouldn’t fake promises about what they will get. It’d be just a waste of their time and they may get annoyed by such an act and unsubscribe.

Asking questions also create a great hook if that is relatable to them.


Attach them with the body

Yeah, I know, now it sounds like I’m describing some romance scene. But it’s true that your email needs to be sexy enough to appeal to your reader and compel them to take action.

The body of the email is where you should contain your main part, I mean the purpose of sending the email.

Remember, if you are sending some promotional email then keep it short and crisp because long promotional emails discourage people to read it completely and if they won’t read it then they will not take the action.

So, in the promotional email keep things short. But if it’s something that you want to explain or it’s an informative email then you can keep it lengthy as per your need. Still, you need to take care that the email you wrote is not boring.

To avoid writing boring emails, you can build a story to explain or give some examples like “One of my mentees earned $1M through social media marketing. Continue reading this to know how he did it”.

This way you can avoid writing boring emails and make your email body looks appealing to read.


It’s time for some ACTION!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for some action!

In the body part, you have said what you had to say. Now there is no need of repeating those same things, again and again, all though it’s good, I personally don’t like to do it in the email because it just makes the email lengthy.

It’s better recommended to direct your reader to click on a link and take to a landing page where you could pitch the way you want with your sales copy.

In the Action part of the email, you should simply tell your readers to take a certain action. And mostly that would be to redirect them from email to a landing page or to anywhere you want.

But the action statement should be backed with some magical spells. And without those magical spells, hardly anyone would take action.

As you know that most people are so lazy that they don’t even want to turn the tap’s cock to pour water into their bottle.

So, without those magical spells, there would be very little conversion. Then, let’s know what are those magical spells that we can use to improve the conversion rates of our emails:

  • Provide some yummy offers: Who don’t like offers that provide some value. Give your readers such offers that are useful to them. And ask them that if they don’t want to miss the offer then take the action you’re suggesting.
  • Use the scarcity principle: Why the scarcity principle works like a magical spell is because when something is available in abundance then the value of it is very less. For example, when aluminum was first discovered by humans it was so demanding that Kings were eating on aluminum plates but when aluminum was found in abundance that even beggars started using aluminum plates and that’s how this metal lost it’ value.  And that’s the reason why diamonds and gold are kept hidden from the world by miners to keep the demand up for these materials so that their prices don’t fall. So, you should provide your offer with a scarcity. Give a limited number of seats or something like that which is limited to a certain point.
  • Play with FOMO techniques: What is FOMO? FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a psychological term that says that how people are afraid of missing something. Like, missing any important event or offer. It works great in marketing when something is kept for some limited time or limited in quantity. People don’t want to miss something important or anything they are getting at some discounted price. And, using the FOMO techniques in your email as complementary to your action statement would work great in getting more conversions.
  • Show your credibility: “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. You need to show the proof in some cases when you are trying to sell something. You have to show ratings and reviews given by your users or customers. It would help your readers in making a decision that whether they should accept your offer or not.

So, these 5 steps for email marketing copywriting can be used to write a persuasive email copy that could give high conversions.

Also, there are other tips for email copywriting that can be used to enhance your email’s performance. If you want to become better at email marketing then what I would recommend is to do the split test and get to know which methods and techniques are working for you.

Let me know in the comment section where I could improve this post because I always believe that nothing is perfect and everything can be improved.

Thank You. 🙂










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