15 Important Principles of Copywriting

15 Important principles of copywriting

Principles of Copywriting



If you have got yourself onto this article that means you are already aware of what the copywriting is. Right?

If not, then it’s my humble request to you to learn: What is Copywriting? What is the purpose of copywriting?

Then come again to this post.

And, if you have already aware of what the copywriting is, then continue reading on.

Here in this blog post, I am revealing the 15 most important principles that must be used for copywriting.

Okay, before we discuss those important principles, I would like my readers to go through this article: How to write a great copy. As it will help you in getting aware of creating a good copy.

So, without any further ado…

Let’s begin:

15 Important principles of copywriting.


You vs we:

What is the purpose of copywriting?

To convince the readers. Isn’t it?

Then you must always bear in mind that your main motive for writing a great copy is to convince your prospects. And that’s the reason, why you should focus on what benefits YOU than what do WE features.

 So, to create a great advertising copy using the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot and using ‘our’ and ‘we’ or ‘us’ less often is a good practice.


Write as you speak (WAYS):

In most circumstances, the best way to approach writing sales copy is to write as you speak to someone in a friendly, face to face conversation. Because readers will not feel bored when they will feel that someone is talking to them.

And don’t stuff your copy with a lot of jargons, because when we are talking with someone we don’t use some high standard vocabularies. These will distract the readers.

Always remember, you are writing a copy, not an article.


Attention-Grabbing Titles or Headlines.

Headlines are the first impression for the readers. And those must be catchy enough to grab the attention of the readers at first sight.

If headlines fail then the whole of your copy fails.

Headlines almost do 80% of your work for a copy.

A copywriter must pay great attention to the effectiveness of the headlines in grabbing the attention.


Make a copy, reader-focused than the product:

It’s obvious that when you are writing a copy you are going to present your product.

No doubt.

But don’t you think that your focal point should be the reader, not the product?

Yes, you must focus on the reader.

Use their needs, wants, desires fears to promote your product or service.


Make Irresistible offer:

Present your product with some irresistible offer so that your prospects do not have look for other alternatives.

How to create an irresistible offer?

You can focus on the selling point such as price, quality, some freebies and make your offer irresistible.


Create Urgency:

Creating urgency in the mind of your prospects may able to generate leads. Because urgency triggers a psychological effect on the mind which we commonly call FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

It’s the very popular proven technique used in most of the sales pages. No doubt, it’s the important principles of copywriting.

And, its damn WORKS!


The web is full of scams. Due to these scams, most of the people fear! Fear of being cheated or ripped-off.

More sincere you are the better your chance of building a trustworthy relationship.

Only when they trust you, they are going to do the transaction with you.


Be personable:

Make your readers know that there is a real person behind the page. Always ADD the human touch to your copy. Your prospects are People and they would more like to deal with People than a company.


Use powerful and persuasive words:

Certain words have proven to be movers and shakers in the world of advertisements. These words trigger the alertness in the mind of the prospects.

Examples of some of the most used persuasive and attention-grabbing words:

Warning, Biggest, Wanted, Original, Instant, Exclusive, Genuine, Easy, etc.


Use Photos:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You can use photos to demonstrate your product or service. If used properly, then it will be beneficial in grabbing the attention of readers.


Add Graphics:

Graphics can be used in a copy to make it more attractive. Gone are the days when copies are made for the print newspapers. These days copies are mostly on the web. And when you are preparing a web copy, you must not forget to add graphics.

You can use some graphics designing tools like Canva.

It makes the copy more attractive.


Show testimonials:

Adding testimonials to your copy provides a trusted effect on the mind of the readers. People want to hear what others are saying about your product or service.

They will trust you and your offerings when they will listen from others’ mouth.


Have a logo:

Logos gives an identity and it helps in identification. It is part of branding.

Your logo must be an attractive and memorable one. So that it fits on the mind of your readers or prospects.


Create a tagline:

A tagline is the short memorable phrases that create a long-lasting impression on the mind of your prospects.


Get a Response:

You must ask or try to get a response from your prospects. Several techniques can be used to make your prospect respond. Getting a response is one of the vital principles of copywriting.


So, these were the 15 most important principles of copywriting. These techniques will help you in writing a good copy.

I tried to put all those necessary principles to make a great copy.

These principles are great to prepare a good copy but along with these techniques you could use some digital marketing techniques to make your copy more successful in generating more leads, here’s a beginner’s guide to digital marketing.

If you have some other great principles that can be used in writing a persuasive copy then please let me know in the COMMENT section below.

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Thank You😊


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