9 Types of Copywriting you should know about

Copywriting is what we all know, which helps in conversion through persuasive words. In every sales copy, you will find that every element is structured in a way to persuade a reader.

Copywriting is been in use since Babylonian times and somewhere around the 15th Century when the printed material came into existence.

We have seen a great evolution in the field of copywriting. From the printed pamphlets to the digital web copies.

And this evolution has given birth to different types of copywriting for different purposes.

Here in this article, you will get to know about 7 different types of copywriting.

So, let’s get started.

9 Types of Copywriting

In this list of nine copywriting types, first, I’ll bring forth Direct Response Copywriting.

Direct Response Copywriting

If you want a quick response for your ad copy or the marketing campaign you are running then direct response copywriting is what you would prefer to go with.

Direct response copies are designed to make readers and prospective customers give a response immediately just after reading your copy.

This is what Direct Response Copywriting meant for. Its main goal is to make a conversion and not at a future date but present.

Direct Response Copywriters use persuasive techniques of copywriting such as creating urgency, scarcity, lucrative offers, and FOMO techniques to drive conversion.

Whatever technique you wish to use you can but the goal is always one, and that’s CONVERSION.

Direct response copywriting is not any different from usual conversion-optimized sales copies. It’s also based on the most preferred principles of copywriting like the use of the AIDA model.

The basic structure followed in direct response copywriting is here-

  • Use an attention-grabbing headline
  • Hook your reader’s interest with their pain points
  • Offer them the solution they need the most
  • Ask them to take action


SEO Copywriting

When you are marketing on the internet then you would be definitely doing it through a website. Isn’t it?

You have some products or services that you are presenting to the world through the internet. The reason why marketers are marketing on the internet is that now almost all people are using the internet worldwide.

And, where there are people there you can do your business.

Where there are people there exists business.

To market a product we need people and when people are using the internet to look for information, products and services it becomes the preferred way to reach out to them and market your product.

But, it’s not that easy to market your product on the Internet.

You aren’t the ONLY business person who wants to sell your product. Other businesses are marketing their product on the internet.

So, there is competition.

And, to fight this competition and stay at the top of the hill so that everybody could notice you and buy your products, you have to rank your web pages better than them. And this process of ranking your web pages so that your prospective customers can find you is called SEO.

Don’t worry you don’t have to hire an SEO specialist to hammer and wield your sales copy. Just the basics of keyword research will be helpful.

The primary goal of SEO in copywriting is to make your sales copy found by your prospects.

Because there is huge competition on the internet among businesses who are vying for your attention you need to do proper SEO on your copy so that you stay ahead of others and get more leads in your bag.


Website Copywriting


SEMRUSH's website copywriting example

If you have visited some business websites then you might have noticed that how they use some sentences that describe what they do, what service or product they offer, and how they can help you.

Just look at the screenshot provided above. It’s the home page of SEMRUSH and how they have written a sentence that tells what help a visitor would get from them.

It says “Get measurable results from online marketing”. From this sentence, it is targeting its audience who are involved in online marketing.

It clearly created a hook for its target group, in this case, online marketers.

And below that, with small font size, they have aptly mentioned what service they provide.

It says “Do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from just one platform”. And, from this sentence, they created an Interest by telling what they offer.

So, this is how you could do the website copywriting which would help your visitors turn into your ideal customers.


Sales Copywriting

Copywriting that meant for generating sales is termed sales copywriting. We know that the purpose of copywriting is to make conversion whether it may be just to fill a lead form or buy something.

Sales copywriting is totally focused on generating sales. And often you will find sales copies in landing pages of ads that you click anywhere on the internet.

Most of the ads that you encountered use to have a sales copy behind them. So, that when someone clicks on the ad they are redirected to a page where they could be pitched about the offering.

And without sales copy it’d be hard to make a sell.

They will not be convinced by merely saying, “Hey you are getting this offer at a 50% discount, buy it now”.

There is a need for a perfect pitching strategy to persuade your prospective customer.

While crafting a sales copy you must remember that each element of the sales copy is important. Must place the elements with utmost care.


Social Media Copywriting

We all use social media platforms for free. And those social platforms earn money from the advertisers who advertise to the users of those platforms.

When advertisers advertise through paid ads they are either trying to create awareness for the brand or they want conversion.

Whatever the goal may be of social media marketers, copywriting could help in making your campaign more successful.


Just simply posting anything and writing anything don’t make your campaign successful, you need to understand your target audience.

People use social media for relaxing their minds or to get interaction with other peoples. You must carefully design your ads so that you could grab their attention.

Or else they will just scroll over it and don’t notice.

Here’s an example of good social media copywriting that grabs the attention of its target audience.

Social media copywriting example from databox by Greenback Expat tax service


It caught the attention of people who want to go abroad and work there. This ad is promoting a business offering tax services to expats.

And they used great social media copywriting to draw the attention of their target audience.


Banner Ad Copywriting

Advertisement through banner ads is a very common way of advertising on any website. If you want to run a paid marketing campaign then the more obvious choice would be to go with Google ads.

And Google Ads provides various ways to run your ads like search ads, video ads, and display ads.

If you choose to go with display ads, then your ads will be displayed through banners.

Banner ads look something like this.



banner-ads-examples-disney-from wordstream


banner-ads-examples-intro-auto-zone from wordstream


While crafting banner ad copy you must take care that you have got a limited space to grab attention and make viewers click on your ad.

And you have to break people’s ad blindness or else your ad will go unnoticed and without any conversion.


Brand Copywriting

Brands use taglines or slogans along with their trade name or brand name which depicts about their product and service.

This helps in improving their brand value and make it more recognizable by people. See the pic below of iPhone’s brand copy with a simple tagline- “Privacy. That’s iPhone”. This improves their brand and gives Apple’s iPhone a good recognition that if someone is looking for a phone with good security to keep the privacy secure then iPhone is the best choice.

How simple this sentence is. But it improves their brand image.

Apple's iPhone brand copy


Here’s another brand copy example from KitKat.

They have got a nice tagline to attach with their brand. It goes- “Have a break, have a KitKat”.

It is a clever tactic to position their product in people’s minds, so that, whenever someone thinks of a break then they will remind ‘KitKat’.

Very clever brand positioning. Isn’t?

That’s the power of brand copy.

kitkat's brand copy with tagline


Brand copywriting is helpful in improving the brand value with the use of some clever marketing techniques such as the use of taglines and slogans, jingles in their commercial video ads, and the use of stories that resonates with their brand and make people remember.


Technical Copywriting

You would have heard of technical writers who are specialized in writing about technical stuff like medical products, software, SaaS, or anything that needs technical expertise.

In the same way, technical copywriters write copies to market products.

A general copywriter may not have much knowledge about a specific technical topic and would not be able to write a persuasive copy due to a lack of knowledge.

So, it is better to hire someone who possesses sound knowledge of technical matters.

When you have good knowledge about a product you can sell it better.


Video Copywriting

If you are marketing through videos then video copywriting will be helpful to get you more leads. Video copywriting is a little different from text copies. As in the video, you will have to get the people’s minds hooked to your video and explain to them about your offer.

In a text copy, readers would have enough time to read your copy and understand it and then take action. But, in the case of video ads then they won’t be able to listen again what you said once, they might have to wait for another repetition of the ad.

So, it is better advised to direct your viewers to a landing page where they could read your offer. Also, there are much more things to understand in video copywriting. And for that, I have written an article on Video Copywriting. Do read that if you want more insights on video copywriting.


And here we end with our types of copywriting list. All of these copywriting types have their own purpose. These 9 copywriting types are different in nature and where they are used but their end goal is to make a conversion.



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