DIY Copywriting: 5 Pointers to Keep in Mind

DIY copywriting

When do you need copywriting? Copywriting is needed when you are planning to market your products/services, want to sell through advertisement, or want to generate leads for your business.

And, why do you need copywriting? Obviously, it is a straightforward answer, the purpose of copywriting is to get the conversion.

Then, do you need a copywriter? It depends.

Just take an example, if you want a piece of nice furniture for your drawing room would you take a saw, axe, hammer, tape… and other tools to make furniture by yourself?. Yeah, you can do it if you know how to do it. And if you have no idea how to make furniture then do it at your own risk.

at your own risk sign board 

But still, if you are that person who ignores the warning “Don’t try this at your home, school, and office”, I have prepared 5 points for you which would help you in writing a copy by yourself.

So, let’s know what are those 5 points you need to keep in mind while DIY Copywriting.

5 Points for DIY Copywriting

Always remember that the copy is used to generate conversions. If your copy doesn’t perform well then consider changing it. And do follow these tips on how you can craft a copy by yourself.

Point #1: Headline must be able to grab attention.

A headline is the face of a copy. Whenever someone meets you he/she looks at your face first. And if you make an ugly face then that person may not like you. In the same way, if your headline is ugly then no one will pay attention to whatever is written in your copy.

The headline is the ticket to your conversion.

The first conversion happens when you are able to grab attention through the headline and you make the reader go through the rest of your copy. And the final conversion happens when you are able to persuade him/her to take action.

You need to hook the reader’s mind into the copy through your attention-grabbing headline. If you failed with your headline, you failed with your copy.


Point #2: Hook your reader’s mind with the opening paragraph.

People’s attention span is very less. Even if you got their attention with your catchy headline and failed to hook their mind with the opening paragraph then they will just bounce up. They will not read your entire copy. And they will not take any action at all.

It is VERY VERY important to elevate your pitch with the opening paragraph. Present something that would just blow up their mind. Provide some shocking facts and figures, tell any story, present something that makes them continue reading your copy.

What you should avoid are the fancy lines. Remember, fancy lines do not sell. People will only be interested in listening to you if you are entertaining them or if you are talking about something that will be beneficial to them.

So, hook them with what they will get. That’s their red spot where you should aim.


Point #3: Clearly explain what is in it for them.

As I mentioned in the above point that the best way to hook the reader’s mind is to tell what they will get.

All most every one of us cares just about our own self. We all have a little bit of selfishness in us. And we care about our own benefit.

This is with your prospective customers also. They will always look for what’s in it for them. They won’t buy anything from you until you tell them what they will get from the product/service you are trying to sell.

Clearly explain to them what are the benefits of your product/service. Tell them how your product would help in overcoming their problem.

Link your product’s features with its benefits. Your benefits should be either problem solving or helping them in a better way.


Point #4: Lure them with an offer.

Offers are what make the pitch more lucrative. Any offer that is helpful or going to add any value to your prospective customers would be lucrative for them and they will always be ready to grab on it.

It’s a psychological technique used by marketers to make their products sell. People are often attracted to offers like discounts, freebies, and other such things that would be helpful to them.

And, don’t provide you offer abundantly. Means, limit it.

You know why diamond’s price is so high?

It’s because they are rare.

So, make your offer rare. Keep it for a limited time duration or for a certain quantity. This would make the offer more enticing.


Point #5: A compelling CTA(Call-To-Action)

If you forget to add a CTA in your copy then you have never written a copy. CTA is the place where conversion takes place. You need to pitch the way so that the prospects take the action.

CTA must be backed by other elements of copy such as offer, guarantee, testimonials, and reviews which would help boost your credibility. Give them a valid reason that why they should grab this offer.

Provide all the information that would be helpful to make the decision for your prospective customers.

Final Words

All of these points would be very beneficial to you if you are planning to write a copy by yourself. And what you should never forget is NEVER MAKE THE COPY BORING. All of the above points must be taken good care of and along with those use these copywriting techniques to help your copy sell better.

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