Freelance Copywriting Rates in India

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The gig economy is rising. Businesses are hiring specialized persons for special works. More than ever freelancers are in demand for their specialized skills.

More freelancers are entering the freelancing market.

Freelancers help the world with their mastered skills. They make life easier for those who seek help with certain skills.

And they get paid well for their work.

In this article, we will discuss the freelance copywriting rates in India-

Freelance Copywriting Rates in India

Copywriting job is one of the high-paying jobs in India. But it is not necessary that if you are a copywriter you will be earning some big bucks.

Earning of copywriters depend upon various factors like their specialized copywriting niche, industry, and expertise.

There are copywriters who charge per word, pages, hours, and on a project basis.

If you want to know which is the best way to charge for copywriting then let’s have some information on that.

How to Charge for Copywriting

Freelancers have the freedom to choose on what basis they want to charge. Generally, writers charge on a per word basis.

I talked with some freelance content writers and they said that they always charge on a per word basis. And when I talked with freelance copywriters, some of them said that they charge on a per word basis and some said that they charge on the basis of time taken to complete the project. Also, a few said, they charge on a project basis.

So, it’s up to you and your preferences to charge your clients.

What I like is, to charge on a project basis.

The reason why I prefer to charge for a project than per word, or hours, is because I don’t think that it would be appropriate to charge on a per word system as it’s copywriting.

And, in copywriting, copywriters should focus on the effectiveness of the copy which would provide the desired result and value to the client rather than just making it longer for the sake of earning some extra bucks.

The purpose of copywriting is to persuade people to take action. It doesn’t matter whether you write a 10-page sales copy or just a paragraph the motive is to convert.

What if you write a lengthy copy and no one reads it, then there will be no conversion and your copy will fail.

Your clients will not receive anything from the investment in copywriting. And next time they won’t be hiring you or probably any other copywriter.

So it’s better to keep the copy crisp than wordy.

The purpose is the conversion.

And that’s the reason why I prefer to charge for a project.


Copywriting Charges

I tried to dig information from multiple sources and here’s what I found-

  • The salary of in-house copywriters in India is around 20,000 per month.
  • Freelance copywriters in India earn an average of 50,000 per month depending upon the type of clients and the number of clients they handle in a month.

But, still, these numbers are not that accurate because freelance copywriting rates depend on multiple factors like niche, industry, expertise, experience, country, types of clients, and the number of clients.

One experienced copywriter may charge higher in comparison to the new copywriters. So, it would be irrelevant to say that copywriters earn this much.

So, take these numbers as rough estimates.

In my case, it depends upon the clients I land up with. It’s not necessary that I will always be getting some high-paying clients.

If you are a copywriter then please let me know how do you charge and how much do you charge. And if you are an aspiring copywriter then tell me what’s your decision on how you will be charging your clients for freelance copywriting work.











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