Do you need to learn SEO for Copywriting? When and Why?

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SEO for copywriting is necessary when writing a sales copy for a website or any application on the internet. Learning SEO would help copywriters write great web copies that would be readable for search engines and people.

Why do you need to learn SEO for copywriting?

Why am I saying that SEO is important for copywriting, and why should copywriters learn about SEO? It’s because SEO would help your target audience find your copy on the internet.

SEO helps discover your content by the searchers. And if you are not doing proper SEO for your sales copies on your landing pages. Then, it would be difficult for you to get visibility on the internet. 

And, it’s no brainer that if you want to get traction on the internet, you have to do SEO. Whether it be informational content, commercial content, or sales content, you will have to optimize it for Search Engines.

And when it comes to copywriting, there is no exception. You have to optimize your sales copies or any other form of copywriting for Search Engines.

What will happen when you don’t do SEO for your copywriting?

Optimizing the copy will help you in getting some traction through searches on search engines.

When you are writing a sales copy on your landing page, and you aren’t optimizing your content on the landing page for search engines, it would be difficult for the search engines to find your content.

And when Google or any other search engines cannot find your landing page, you will not be able to generate leads. And the purpose of your landing page goes useless.

Landing pages must follow some SEO rules to get found by their target audience.

SEO is not just for landing pages. You need to do SEO for every copywriting material possible on your website.

When should you implement SEO in your copywriting?

Here are the reasons when you should be implementing SEO for your copywriting-

  • When you are writing copies on the internet.
  • You want to generate leads through organic traffic.
  • You want to convert your website visitors to your customers or clients.

When shouldn’t a copywriter be worried about learning SEO?

As I have already mentioned above, SEO is necessary for copywriters when writing copies on the web. Landing pages are the most common form of web sales copy where SEO is implemented.

If you are not writing copies for the web, you don’t have to worry about learning SEO. Instead, focus on copywriting for conversion. 

My Suggestion:

These days, most businesses are online, marketing their products and services to online audiences. So, copywriters are learning SEO to develop their online copywriting skills. And it makes SEO copywriting the on-demand skill at this time.

So it would be best if you learn SEO to stay in demand because there is a higher growth rate of online marketing. And wherever marketing exists, there exists the selling of products or services. And to sell something with a good conversion rate, one needs the help of a copywriter to write a compelling sales copy for their marketing campaign.

Hence, there is no reason you should be learning SEO. Most copywriters have started writing SEO before Copywriting to show they possess knowledge about SEO Copywriting, even in LinkedIn.

What I suggest you is to learn SEO. It would help you stay in the market, and you will get more clients from online entrepreneurs.

And you don’t have to worry about learning some hard-core SEO. That’s not your job. Instead, what you need to understand is how to implement SEO in copywriting.

Hope this helps you decide whether you should be learning SEO as a skill for your copywriting career.

If you got some queries and want me to clarify that, please ask me in the comment section.


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