Use this 7-Step Formula to Write a Sales Copy for Better Conversion

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Have you ever noticed a sales copy how it grabs your attention and makes you read till the end? You wouldn’t have read every sales copy or ad copy that comes your way. It’s because they might not have made for you.

Every sales copy is designed for a specific set of audiences. Because you cannot target everybody. We all have different likes and dislikes. And this is the reason why marketers design their products based on their buyer persona.

Marketers craft the product based on what their target customers like. And based on that, they make the product variation.

You might have noticed that many soft drinks companies sell different varieties of their drink with different flavors.

I like the mango flavour, and you might like the orange one. We have our own taste.

And based on the consumer’s taste, marketers develop variations in their product to advertise and target a specific group.

Here is the 7-Step Formula to Write a  Sales Copy for Better Conversion.

So the first step that you need to do before you start writing your sales copy that drives conversion is understanding your buyer’s persona.

Step 1: Understand your Buyer’s Persona.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a character that depicts the ideal demographics, behavioral patterns, motivation, interest, goals, and pain points.

Download this template to find out Buyer’s Persona

Buyer persona would help you to understand your target customer. It will guide you through crafting your copy based on the ideal data for your audience.

You will have clear insights on whom, why, and how to target the particular set of people. And your sales copy will perform well when you target a specific audience.


Step 2: Find out the benefits.

Benefits are what people want. They are not interested in your product, how much effort your employees have put into it, how much struggle you did to bring this product to the market.

No one cares how much hardship you have done. Your customers are those people in the room who just want to satisfy themselves.

So how do you make people feel that you will satisfy their needs with your solution?

Every product has got some features, and those features will certainly have some work. Right?

Then you need to find out how the features are gonna help people. And you will have your benefits ready to be printed on your sales copy.

For example-

XYZ headphone is made of ABC technology, and when you enjoy your favorite music, you feel like you’re sitting in an orchestra.

So this is how you can link your features with benefits and sell well.


Step 3: Prepare a detailed explanation of the main benefit

Don’t confuse them with telling a lot about your product. They are not at all interested in what this product is and how it is made.

Your aim should be to convince them that your solution can solve their problem. And that’s it.

Just give them an explanation of what they will get. And don’t make people bore with any other stuff. Or else they will bounce off.

Here’s the example-

XYZ Headphone, made with the latest ABC technology, gives you a crystal clear sound to not miss any musical notes. And it gives you an experience of listening to music in a studio without any unpleasant noise. If you do not find the music pleasing you then change your song, not your XYZ headphone.


Step 4: Put some credibility.

You have got your reader’s attention. You explained about the product’s benefits. And if your customer is a very good person who trusts everybody on what they say, it will be pretty easy for you to sell them. Hardly there would be any.

Most people will not believe in whatever you said until you show them.

If I tell people that I have built a time machine that could make you go to the past in time, then they will not believe it.

They will only believe me when I show them some evidence. And to back my statement on the time machine, I’ll have to show them some proof like a photo with Sir Isaac Newton, an autograph of George Washington, and an appearance in a movie scene of Charlie Chaplin.

Do whatever you can to back up your statement.

Generally, in most sales copies, people show the rating and reviews of the satisfied customers.


Step 5: Give your prospects a compelling reason to buy it.

Yeah, your product is extraordinary, mind-blowing, and fantastic, but why would they buy it for no reason.

Yes, you have explained the benefits. And now they are aware of what they will get from it.

But still, why they will buy it.

You need to provide some irresistible offer that would compel your prospects to take action.

Use the Law of Scarcity, FOMO technique, mouth-watering offers, and any other techniques you can use.

Explain to them why they should take action now and what will happen if they don’t. Explain to your prospects what they will lose. Use some persuasive copywriting techniques to influence them that they shouldn’t miss this opportunity and grab it now.

For example-

We will list this product on Amazon on [Date], and the price will be set to [put a price higher than what you are offering now]. You are getting the opportunity to buy [Product name] at a discount rate of [discount rate].

Why are you getting this offer at a discount-

Before we launch it in a big marketplace, we want to collect testimonials from our satisfied users. And you are the luckiest who got this offer.

Don’t miss the opportunity, or else you will have to pay some extra bucks to buy [product name]


Step 6: Highlight the main benefits they will get.

You have given them the reason to grab the offer. Now, you should remind the benefits again and show them some glimpse of their future after using your product. Let them visualize how it will be beneficial to them.

If you have some testimonials of your customers, use those to help them how it’s helped other people and how it’s also going to help them.

For example-

After using XYZ headphones, even non-music lovers are turned to become music lovers. They are now able to experience a movie as if they are sitting in a high-class movie theatre.


Step 7: It’s showtime. Put your Call-To-Action(CTA).

Your prospective customer has now understood- what is there in it for them and why they should grab this offer.

And now you should guide them to take action. Because this is for what you have crafted this sales copy. Without the CTA, there is no sales copy.

A CTA must be clear and concise. So that your reader doesn’t get confused with what to do next.

For example-

Get an XYZ headphone at [discounted price] before it gets listed on the Amazon marketplace at [original price]. Buy it now.


So this is how you can write a killer sales copy using this 7-step formula.

Now you are ready with all the elements to put in your sales copy. Assemble all the steps together in the sales copy along with a headline.

There’s no hard and fast rule for better conversion of a sales copy. However, you can always tweak and test to make your copy better.


Let me know if you have got some other sales copy formula.

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