How I use Headline Analyzer to make powerful titles

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How I use Headline Analyzer by Coschedule to write powerful headline/title for my blog posts-

David Ogilvy, the great copywriter and marketer of his time, had said,” On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Use of Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Pics of Headline Analyzer by coschedule

I’ve installed the chrome extension of the Headline Analyzer on my PC. And whenever I write the title of a post on the text editor of my WordPress website, it shows the readability score and SEO score for the title.

How is the readability score calculated in Coschedule Headline Analyzer?

Here are some metrics used to analyze the readability of the title-

features of headline analyzer for readability

  • Word Balance: It shows which words help the headline look more attention-grabbing with a better balance of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words.
  • Headline Type: This metric shows you the type of headline you have written.
  • Sentiment: It shows which kind of sentiment your title generates in the mind of the reader.
  • Word Count: People often notice the short and crisp titles better than a lengthy headline. That’s where the word count matters. It suggests optimizing the title with a proper word count.
  • Character Count: SERP allows limited pixel for a title. So you have to keep your character count to the limit provided, else the complete title will not be displayed.
  • Skimmability: The headline should be of a proper length which can be easily skimmed.
  • Reading Grade Level: It’s advised to keep your title’s reading level below 8th-grade, making it conversational and easy for your readers to understand.
  • Clarity: It detects the clarity level of your title by analyzing the complexity of words or phrases. Simple sentences are preferred for better readability.

Now let’s get to the other feature, SEO score-

SEO Score in Coschedue Headline Analyzer

SEO score on headline Anlalyzer be coshcedule

SEO score rates your title based on the comparison of similar titles present on the web. 

It shows other similar posts available on the web. And it gives the position of your post among your competitors. This data doesn’t guarantee that your post will rank in that particular position because of other factors involved in deciding the placement of a web page in SERP.

You can improve your SEO score for the title by tweaking some words.

Headline Analyzer also suggests some phrases to make your title better. You can apply those AI-generated phrases or write your own.

Suggestions by Headline Analyzer tool

So, this is how you can use the Headline Analyzer tool by Coschedule to make your title more readable and stand out on SERP.

To use this tool you can visit and you will have an option to analyze your headline.

Here’s the step-wise guidance to effectively use Headline Analyzer for improving the readability of the headline/title-

  1. Visit the Headline Analyzer section of Coschedule.

Headline Analyzer tool by Coschedule


2. Type in the headline you want to analyze. And then click on the Analyze Now button.

Headline analysis for the headline top 10 copywriting tools

In the above pic, you can see how the Headline Analyzer provided the Headline Score of 62. Also provided the metrics details based on analysis.

3. Now check the pic, given below where the title is modified to make it better.

Headline analysis for the title these top 10 copywriting tools are unknown to most people

Here you can see how the Headline Score improved when we changed the title from ‘Top 10 Copywriting tools’ to ‘These top 10 copywriting tools are unknown to most people’.

Here some more metrics details.

Headline Analyzer's headline analysisl


So, this is how you can use the Headline Analyzer tool by Coschedule to make your titles more impactful and better. No doubt, this headline analysis tool is the best and free to use which makes the headlines stand out on SERP.

Also, you can download Headline Studio‘s chrome extension which will help you in real-time to analyze your titles/headlines.

Screenshot of headline studio's chrome extension


Benefits of Using Headline Analyzer by Coschedule

Now we are familiar with- How to use Headline Analyzer by Coschedule to make the titles and headlines effective. And, here we will cite some of the benefits we get by using this free headline analysis tool-

More Click-Through Rate

Everyone is aware that CTR is an important SEO factor. If your headline is able to grab attention then your webpage will get more Click Through Rate. Due to this search engines will consider your website as better than others and give more priority to your webpage.

So, this will lead to getting more website visitors to your website as search engines will show your webpage at the top.


Arouse the emotion in the reader’s mind

The sentiment detection feature of the Headline Analyzer tool tells you what kind of emotion will it arouse in the reader’s mind.

But, how this will help you-

This will be helpful in copywriting, as most of the sales copy uses emotion generating headlines to catch the reader’s attention and connect with their feelings.

And when you are able to connect with the reader’s emotion you can easily convey your message.


Grabs reader’s attention

Whether it be the title of your webpage, the headline of a sales copy or the email’s subject, your headline/title must grab the reader’s attention.

Am I right?

In the case of a webpage, if your title is not able to get the attention of people then they will not click on it and you will lose website traffic.

And, if your email’s subject line is not able to make your prospects click on your email and open it, then you will lose your client or customer.

The same case is in a copy, if the headline of a copy is not able to impress readers and get their attention then they will not go through the rest of the contents on the copy and will not take any action.

So, this shows that how important is the opening statement.

And, this is how the Headline Analyzer by Coschedule is helpful in writing an impactful headline or title.

I’ve written this based on my own experience of using the Headline Analyzer and Headline studio tool by Coschedule.

You must give it a try and see how it is helpful to you in making an impressive headline.

Never underestimate the Power of Power Words in Powerful Headline.

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