How Writers Make Money ONLINE with these 4 Ways

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If you are here, you might be a writer or interested in a writing career and you want to know how writers make money online. Am I right?


Let’s discuss-

4 Ways How Writers Make Money Online

Before we discuss what are those 4 ways to make money as writers. You will get to know some insightful information about the writing career.

Excited to know?

Oh, yes!

Here we go-

Why do we WRITE?

As per the University of Nottingham, The primary reason for writing is to communicate with others and to stimulate interest or action from the reader.

So, it is clear that we write to COMMUNICATE with others. And sometimes, we write to stimulate interest or action from the reader which is often done in the case of copywriting.

Now let’s know-

Why choose writing as a career?

Not because you can work from home or you will earn a lot of money by simply writing some articles, but I’ll suggest choosing writing as a career only if you enjoy writing.

Yes, only if you love to write then you can create some mindboggling articles, which make readers pleased.

You cannot just scribble something and put it on board. Your LOVE to write must be felt from words, you tailor.

Some people just jump into something where they see that they can earn a huge amount of money.

How do writers earn?

There are many ways writers earn money. Some do freelancing, some are in-house content writers, and some earn through their blogs.

If you are planning to earn through writing and you don’t know how to start then ask these questions to yourself?

  1. Can I do the outreach to get freelancing clients?  If ‘yes’ then you should learn the proper outreach methods to ger clients. OR, if you think that it is not what you can do to get clients, then proceed to the next question.
  2. Can I make a proper profile on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, and wait for the buyers or employers to reach you for the project? Most writers do freelancing but it is not that easy peasy work. When you’re starting out as a freelancer you have to build your credibility so that prospects can trust your skills to do their work.
  3. The third question that you should ask- should I apply for a job to join as an in-house content writer to work from home?

There are plenty of opportunities available for content writers.


These days every business organisation has understood the potential and need of Content Marketing.

So, what the businesses are doing is, they are hiring freelance content writers to write for their content marketing campaign. Some organisations also hire in-house content writers, whose day to day work is to write contents related to their target audience.

Now, you can understand that why I am saying that content writing has lucrative career opportunities.

Okay, we are now clear with what and how of content writing. Then let’s discuss 4 ways how writers make money online.


Freelancing is a great way for content writers to earn money online. And it is the first thing pop-ups in mind whenever somebody asks “How writers make money online”.

In case you missed those above paragraphs, lemme explain to you that the world is heading towards a gig economy. And it’s not me who is saying this, it’s published in an article by the guardian.

And, if you are an aspiring content writer or copywriter then you must get your account opened on any of the popular freelancing platforms.

And don’t forget to do the proper optimisation of your profile so that you get good visibility on those platforms.

If you want to know how to do the proper optimisation of the profile feel free to contact Chinmay Mahanta, and this idiot is none other than the author of this article.


Oh, Jesus!

What is this ghostwriting? Do I have to write for ghosts or about ghosts?


Ghostwriting is the way of writing where writers write for another person and don’t get credit for their work. What they get is the payment as per the agreement.

Ghostwriters are hired for various purpose. There are cases when well-known public figures do not have the experience of writing, they hire ghostwriters to write and research for the lengthy autobiography or “how-to-do” book. Even if they have writing experience and knowledge on how to write, what they will lag in is, they may not be aware of the proper way to write captivating contents.

If you are a writer then you may be well aware of the expertise and time required to write a captivating piece of content. Also, editing requires a lot of time and expertise.

In some cases, publishing houses use ghostwriters to write a book in the name of popular authors who have good market demand, to release a book which will have higher chances of getting into the list of best-selling books.

Ghostwriters often spend much time in researching, writing, and editing fiction and non-fiction work for clients, and they get paid based on a price per hour, per word or per page, with a flat fee, a percentage of the royalties of the sales, or mix of those.

Social Media Content Writers

Writers in social media?

Yes, content writers are sometimes hired to write for social media posts.

But, why and how?

Social media platforms are the place where people hang out in their leisure. The main purpose of social media is for social interaction with friends or like-minded people.

As these platforms evolved and more people joined these sites, marketers started to see the opportunity of running their marketing campaign through social networking sites.

And why not, marketers can easily target their audience based on their demographics and interest.

Facebook, a well-known social media platform, is providing marketers to market or advertise their product or service by running ads on their platform.

Facebook provides user data such as demographics, location and interest to the advertisers who could run ads based on those data.

That’s how you might be seeing ads on Facebook and Instagram which are mostly based on your age, gender, location, etc.

But how would the writers benefit from social media platform?

Through social media platforms, writers can showcase their literary skills by posting bit-size contents. Remember one thing, don’t make boring contents because people aren’t on the social sites to learn, some just go to hang out so you need to write articles that grab their attention.

Also one more thing, first of all, you must understand your target audience and what they like and don’t just write anything.

Write, what your audience like. – Chinmay Mahanta


Platforms like LinkedIn are best, as I consider, for the content writers. Because it’s a professional networking platform and there are C-level executives and marketers who mostly stay online. And, LinkedIn is also one of the main lead generation tools that I use to fetch clients for copywriting and additionally I upsell them for other marketing services such as SEO and PPC. Sometimes I hire freelancers to manage additional activities.

If you write contents on LinkedIn, chances are there if your contents caught the attention of any recruiter or one who is in need of a content writer for his marketing needs he/she may contact you.

Besides LinkedIn, you can show your writing skills and generate leads through other writing platforms like Medium. You can visit my Medium Profile-Chinmay CM

NOTE: While writing on Social Platforms make sure to have an attention-grabbing headline so that people stop by and read your content. You can use some copywriting techniques to write snappy headlines.

Or you can use the Headline Analyzer tool to analyze your headline and make it better.

Agency or Company

A freelancer can start an Agency to provide writing services to other organisations that are in search of content writers for their content marketing campaign. And this point was worth being included in the list of How writers make money online.

But how can it be done online?

How not?

It is not necessary that you should be there in the office of someone and write for them.

Come on, yah! We are heading towards gig economy. Most of the things can be done right away from the home. And writing work stands at the frontline of the freelance world.

What is the need to start a Writing Agency?

Business Organisations are now well aware that the best way to connect with the majority of customer present online is content.

But How?

It is something, in digital marketing, called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the technique of marketing where people or customers get to know about a product or service provided by a brand without any explicit promotion.

In simple language, when people search for something on the internet they find some articles satisfying their search query. And businesses have started publishing contents related to their products or services citing the benefit and use of their products.

This way brands have started promoting their products and services through inbound marketing or say, content marketing.

And most often, marketers seek the help of copywriters, like Chinmay Mahanta, to use persuasive copywriting techniques for their sales copy. And, it helps indeed.

So, now you are clear that how businesses leverage content marketing for their sales.

And, you as a content writer can take the advantage of this opportunity to start your content writing business.

The reason why you should start your writing agency is-

If you are writing just as a freelancer, then you’re the only person who is working and earning from that project. And as a solo player, you will have limited time to focus on many works.

But, if you have a team then all of you together can handle multiple projects at a time. And more projects means more income.

How’s the idea?

If you are interested to know how to start your writing agency then please check this blog post by The Mogul Mom.


So, these are the 4 ways writers make money online. If you got some other ways to make money as a writer then please suggest me to add to this list.

And, if you liked this post and found it helpful then please let me know in the comment section.

If you want to help other people who want to pursue writing as their career, then please share this article with them.

Thank You 🙂


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