Who is Salescopyboy?

Salescopyboy is a pickpocket!

Didn’t believe it?

Don’t go on his innocent face.

He appears to be an innocent guy. 

But, you don’t know him.

He sells like hell!!!

Never trust what he says or what he writes.

If you ever fall into his word traps, then make sure your bank account isn’t debited.


I’m Chinmay C. Mahanta, a Copywriter with additional expertise in SEO and Lead Generation.

Hails from a commerce background with a keen interest in watching BULL VS BEAR in the market. 

My journey to the centre of the world, …I mean, marketing… started when I was in the second semester of my graduation.

I started a meme page and started building a follower base, as I had pointed out that someday memes are going to be used as marketing tools.

I didn’t continue with that. It was going out of control for me. I’d totally committed myself to grow that page. Day and night I kept brainstorming meme ideas.

My memes were doing exceptionally well. And I was constantly engaging my followers with shoutouts and personally messaging them asking for feedback and suggestions.

What went wrong is, I was doing only that. 

Staying up late at night, waking up late, eating at an odd time, not attending the classes.

Soon, I realised that things are running out of control. And I decided to stop it.

After some time, GoDaddy’s ads caught my attention.

I purchased a domain and hosting and started building a WordPress website. Then I had no laptop or PC. I built that website on my smartphone. I’d zero knowledge of website designing and all. I just kept on cruising. 

Learned some tips and tricks to attract visitors and ranking up the page. And those tips and tricks are called as SEO, which I didn’t know then.

And within 6 months, I saw that some of my posts are ranking at the TOP 10!


I didn’t continue that. 

And I did a mistake!

What mistake?

This time I had no such issue that was out of control. The problem was, MY EXPECTATIONS.

It’s truly said that expectations are the evils’ nature.

There is a shloka in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita that explains, “Karm karo par phal ki chinta mat karo,

Karm humare haath mai hai, phal nahi.”

English translation: Do your job without expecting/bothering about the outcome, as the outcome is not in our hands.

Come back to the story.

I was expecting a good ad revenue from it. I’d enabled ads through PropellerAds, and their condition of withdrawing was minimum 100$. And my wallet was filled less than 1%.

Then, I simply quit.

But, I should have given some more time to get more traffic.

And now that’s gone.

Okay, what’s gone is gone.

Let’s forget it.

And some other things that I tried out to make money online were- writing e-books and publishing them on Amazon Kindle. Don’t ask what books I’d written. But I earned some penny from those.

Another thing I got dragged into, because of my hunt for earning money online is stock trading in share markets. 

Yes, real trading, with real money in real share market.

In 2018, it had become very simple to open your trading and Demat account with the complete online process. Only paperwork was POA.

Learned about all those things related to the stock market, trading and investment.

In 2020, the pandemic year, I completed my graduation with no flying colours 😀

Sitting in a room, when you are not allowed to come out because of lockdown, what could’ve I done?

I started learning Digital Marketing.

Bought some courses online to learn DM. 

And one day I checked an E-mail of DigitalDeepak where he had invited to join his training program.

I enrolled.

And rest is…

I’m ready to help you with writing a great copy that generates leads for you.
Also, I’ll help you in optimizing your site to grow organically.