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Copywriters are the architects of words who builds copies for the sole purpose of conversion.

Copywriting is the art of crafting words for the sole purpose of conversion. It is not the same as content writing where one writes some content to inform and educate audiences. Copywriting is different from content writing, because copywriting is done for the purpose of advertising or for marketing and copywriting is persuasive in nature.

Copywriters are the person who helps to craft copies for the brochures, billboards, newspapers ads, sales mail, etc.


Who needs a copywriter?

Copywriters are employed in marketing departments, marketing agencies, PR firms, or they are freelancers, where they get clients from different industries of different sizes.

Often copywriters work as freelancers and like to be their own boss. They work with various clients from different industries.

The main purpose for which copywriters are hired is to write compelling sales copy or marketing copy.

Who needs a copywriter?

Copywriters are hired by-

  • companies who want to promote their product and generate sales through advertising,
  • service providers who want to acquire clients through marketing,
  • any organization that is in need to get traction or leads.

Why Copywriters are hired?

Copywriters are hired to write ad copy or sales copy for the marketing campaign of the company or business. Most big corporations and businesses get many benefits from hiring a copywriter to assist them in making a copy for their ad campaign. As it helps in generating a good number of leads.

It is not just the marketing agencies that hire copywriters but freelance copywriters are also hired by companies to do copywriting.


Scope of Copywriting

If you are thinking that copywriting can be replaced by machines then you’re probably wrong. Copywriting isn’t simply content writing but it is persuasive in nature and requires a psychological perspective to understand the consumers need and demand. Also, it requires a little bit of creativity to craft a persuasive and attention-grabbing copy.


According to some research, the Freelance economy is expected to rise in the coming years. And most of the copywriters are freelancers. In the coming years, the competition among copywriters will increase.

Freelancers must have to be competitive and need to stay up to date with the latest market trends.

There are new market opportunities that are rising due to economical advancement and you must be aware of these fields to capture those opportunities.


How do you become a freelance copywriter?

Copywriting requires the skill of persuasion. You need to craft a copy that can persuade people to take actions.

Yes, you must lead the readers towards the step of action. Because, without any Call To Action, there won’t be any use of copy.

If you want to become a copywriter, then first go through some of the best copies and analyze how they are crafted, observe them thoroughly and you will understand how these copies are persuading readers and leading them to take actions.

You can check swiped.co for the copywriting inspiration from the best copies crafted by world-class copywriters. It has a good collection of copies. And copies have been reverse-engineered and all parts of the copy are explained.

Learn some of the copywriting techniques used by well-known copywriters.

Practice creating some copies.

And gradually you will be able to write better copy.


Can you do both Copywriting and Content Writing?

Copywriting and content writing both involve writing but their work is different. A content writer writes content to inform, educate, and entertain readers. Whereas, a copywriter creates copies for the purpose of advertisement or marketing to persuade people to take a certain action.

A content writer may not have copywriting skills to craft words that could persuade readers to take action. But a copywriter can do both as he/she would have a good experience in writing.


Need of Copywriting

Why do we need copywriting? Copywriting is primarily used for marketing or advertising purpose to deliver the brand’s message to the consumers in a perfect way that they could easily understand what is there in the product or service offered by the brand.

Copywriting is proven to be fruitful in getting the attention of the people and guiding them to the action( buy, subscribe, download, follow, etc.).

The AIDA formula used in copywriting makes the copy useful in driving results.

Ad copies that do not use copywriting techniques tend to get fewer results than the ad copies created using copywriting methods.

Copywriting is needed for every marketing campaign you do as the motive of the marketing campaign is to get leads and copywriting help in making it more powerful by using some proven methods.

If you are creating any marketing campaign then make sure you use the copywriting techniques to make it more impactful. In case you don’t know how to do that, hire a copywriter like me.

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