Interview with Elena De Francisco

Chinmay: Hi Elena, How are you doing?

Elena: Hey Chinmay, I’m doing good. How about you?

Chinmay: Yeah, I’m too doing well.

Elena: Good!

Chinmay: So, are you busy with writing copy for your clients?

Elena: Ya, I was on a project. It’s for an e-commerce company. They want me to craft a copy for their Home Page and About Page. And they may provide me with the task to create the landing pages for their products.

Chinmay: Awesome!

Elena: Thanks. And how about you?

Chinmay: Yeah, I’m just learning from copywriters like you and studying their copies to understand how these copies are so effective.

Elena: Okay! Hope my works are inspiring you.

Chinmay: Yes, they are very much inspiring and learning something new from your copies.

Elena: Oh, great!

Chinmay: Yeah. Ok. So may I know something about how you got started with copywriting?

Elena: Yes. I started my career completely different from what I’m working on now. I started my career 9 years back as a customer service representative. Then I slowly entered into the field of marketing and kept learning about copywriting. And I kept practising writing different kinds of copies for various niches. I started approaching some business and pitched them on how I could their sales by just modifying and rewriting some sentences on their websites. And this is how I initially started my copywriting journey. In those initial days, it was not a cakewalk to get clients with a small portfolio.

Chinmay: Wow! Great journey. You started your career in a completely different field and you gradually kept learning and hustling to become a successful copywriter. It’s quite an interesting journey.

Elena: Yeah.

Chinmay: As you said that you were on a completely different path from the marketing field, how and why did you plan to become a copywriter?

Elena: I was good at content writing and I was working as a freelancer for a company. And once, they offered me to write a squeeze page for their product. I wrote it and when they run the ad campaign they found that this landing page is really generating good sales. So, they offered me to write some more copies for landing pages. I wrote those and those too perform well. And this way I became more enthusiastic about copywriting. I started learning more about copywriting, researched some copies from world-class copywriters like Gary Halbert, Ogilvy and Joseph Sugarman.

I analysed why their copies are so successful. I noted down some of those elements used in their copy like Headlines, offers, pics and CTA.

Chinmay: Okay. So you thoroughly analysed those great copies and learned the techniques used in them.

Elena: Yes.

Chinmay: How long do you take to write a copy?

Elena: It totally depends upon the time I take to research for that product/service. Because the more I do the research the more I could write the copy effectively.

Chinmay: Yes, research takes most of the time.

Elena: Yeah.

Chinmay: And what’s your opinion about the Headline? How do you write it and any secret technique you use?

Elena: There are no such secret techniques to write a compelling headline. Headlines must be able to grab the attention of your target audience. Because, if you fail to grab the attention through your headline, the whole copy fails.

Chinmay: Yes, I agree with this. Headlines must attract the attention or else they are not going to go through your copy and no action they will take.

Elena: Yeah, the headline is the most important part of every copy.

Chinmay: No doubt.

Elena: And after the headline, the opening paragraph must also be very compelling one, so that reader must follow through with what you are saying. And then only you can convince them to take certain action.

Chinmay: Yes, Headline is the start and you must take your readers through all the steps of the copy and lead them to take an action.

Elean: Yeah.

Chinmay: And how do you write your CTA?

Elena: The most important thing about CTA is that it is supported by all other elements of the copy. And it’s the part where you must direct your readers to take an action. And you shouldn’t tell them to do several things. Just tell them to do one thing. Because if you tell them to take several actions they will get confused and will not take any action at all. So, you must remember this point while writing a CTA.

Chinmay: Good point!

Elena: Yes, it’s the most important point to be taken care of while writing a CTA.

Chinmay: Okay, What about your future plans on copywriting?

Elena: I’m currently just freelancing. And, in the coming days, I may plan to have an agency.

Chinmay: Oh great! That’s a great plan.

Elena: Yeah, thank you.

Chinmay: So, it was quite an interesting interview to know about how you started your copywriting journey. And you added some knowledge on how to write an effective sales copy.

Elena: I love to share my knowledge of copywriting. And, I’ve helped some other fellow copywriters to become better at this skill.

Chinmay: That’s good.

Elena: Yes.

Chinmay: Okay, Elena, thank you for taking out some time to help me know about you and your journey.

Elena: It’s good to have a conversation with you.

Chinmay: Okay. Bye.

Elena: Bye.